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BGR projects are designed both to provide emergency food aid and to promote greater food productivity at the grass-roots level. We partner with organizations that are already operating on the ground in areas of interest. >
Rwanda and Malawi
Walk to Feed the Hungry
Join Buddhist Global Relief in a Walk of Compassion!
We’re living at a transformative moment of history when humanity is faced with a critical choice: either we continue to flow with the currents of greed and ignorance and risk devastating the earth, or we adopt a scheme of values that gives pride of place to compassion, care, and social justice.
Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, BGR Founder and Chairperson
2012 Walk in Sourthern California

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Sunday, November 17
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, October 24
Sacramento, CA
Saturday, October 19
San Francisco, CA
Sunday, October 6
San Jose, CA
Saturday, October 26
Willington, CT
Sunday, December 8
Tampa Bay, FL
Sunday, October 6
Ann Arbor, MI
Saturday, October 19
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, November 2
New York, NY
Sunday, November 24
Houston, TX
Saturday, October 12
Seattle, WA
Thursday, October 3
Beanteay Meanchey, Cambodia
Sunday, October 6
Nagpur, India
Sunday, August 25
Yorkshire, United Kingdom
San Jose Walk in 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a FAQ page which provides general information and instructions on how to register for a walk.


Please contribute to our shared cause by donating generously to the walk of your choice.