Helping Hands Newsletter
Fall 2017

Volume 9, Number 3

BGR's Walk Season is Here

By Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

The season has arrived for BGR’s annual Walk to Feed the Hungry. The first and second walka of the season already took place on September 16th, in San Jose, and in Connecticut on September 24th. There are four walks on September 30th, another four walks in October, and the last walk in Houston on November 4th. A schedule of the walks can be found on our website here. This past April, just recently made known to us, the Sangha Teens of the Jodo Shin Buddhist temple in San Diego organized a walk on their own. An article about that walk will be found just below in this newsletter.  READ MORE 

San Diego Teens Start a Walk to Feed the Hungry

By Sharon Sasaki


Sangha Teens are 6th-8th graders at the Buddhist Temple of San Diego, which belongs to the Jodo Shinshu school of Buddhism, the most popular form of Buddhism in Japan. Typically, our group helps with temple fundraisers (like our bazaar snack booth) and attends social mixers with sister Shin Buddhist temples. While seeking a form of community service to participate in this year, we stumbled upon an article in the newsletter of our Buddhist Churches of America (BCA), Wheel of Dharma. Reading about the "Walk to Feed the Hungry" fundraisers supported by sister temples in San Francisco, New York, and San Jose, we were inspired to start a walk ourselves. This was the community service activity we'd been looking for!  READ MORE

Technical Skills Training for Low Income Girls in Sri Lanka

By Patrick Brick

Young women in Sri Lanka face rates of unemployment nearly twice that of their male counterparts, with unemployment levels highest among women with secondary school diplomas. But the costs of vocational training and other higher education are prohibitive for many girls. While state universities offer free higher education, these schools accept only a fraction of qualified students. Those who are not accepted must pay to attend private or professional schools, where scholarship funding may be difficult to come by. READ MORE

2017 Concert to Feed the Hungry

By Daniel Blake

This year’s Concert to Feed The Hungry was held on June 17, 2017, at the Middle Collegiate Church in lower Manhattan. Each year, a group of world renowned musicians comes together to celebrate and raise funds on behalf of the important work BGR is doing. The concert also celebrates the diversity and remarkable inclusiveness of New York’s music scene, which has been a magnet for the world’s best creative minds for well over a century. This year’s lineup was particularly diverse, featuring the Grammy winning Latin jazz artist Arturo O’Farrill, the legendary saxophonist David Liebman (an NEA Jazz Master), the veteran New York-based Balkan brass band Slavic Soul Party!, ​the traditional Moroccan ensemble Innov Gnawa​, and the emerging jazz vocalist Arta Jekabsone​. READ MORE

Meeting with Representatives from the World Food Program USA

By Kim Behan

Twice this past spring, BGR made emergency donations of $10,000 to the World Food Programme to help the organization address the crises of food shortages in four countries—South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen—all of which have been bordering on famine. WFP, a United Nations agency, is the world’s largest body tackling hunger around the globe. Last year WFP assisted 76.7 million people in 81 countries with nutritional aid and related forms of assistance. World Food Program USA builds support and resources for the World Food Programme.   READ MORE

BGR and the Amazon Smile Program

By BGR Staff

Buddhist Global Relief is now participating in the Smile program on! By going to the AmazonSmile website the shopper will find exactly the same products and prices as on the regular Amazon website, but 0.5% of each purchase will be donated to the charity of their choice. When you login to shop at the Smile site, you will be prompted to select a charity from a preset list, or search for another charity. If you wish to donate to Buddhist Global Relief, simply type the name into the space, and you’re done! All your eligible purchases will be marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” in the box on the right that gives the price, and will generate a donation. For more information about the program, see We hope you will make Buddhist Global Relief the charity of your choice!

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How You Can Help

Interested in volunteering for BGR? By joining our team you will meet others who share your values and are working to put compassion into action and help create a better world. Some volunteers need to be located in a particular place, but most can work from home, wherever that may be. Please check the list of Volunteer Opportunities on our website and contact our volunteer coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information. As always, donations to BGR are welcome. You can donate by PayPal or credit card on the BGR website or by check mailed to:

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Our Projects

BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families. This is a selection of nine of our current 29 projects. Please select "Current Projects" from the menu on the left to see them all.