Concert to Feed the Hungry

By Dan Blake

Slavic Soul Party

On April 29, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., the Concert To Feed The Hungry will usher in Buddhist Global Relief’s tenth anniversary celebration with an evening of music and dance from around the world. The event will take place at Saint Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery (located at 131 East 10th Street in Manhattan), a legendary institution that has played a major role over the years in cultivating the intersection of arts, social justice, and spiritual practice. 

For the seventh year, the concert will feature an exciting lineup of artists representing the diversity and unity of purpose behind BGR’s mission. Award-winning vocalists Kavita Shah and Camila Meza will give intimate performances of their original compositions and well-known standards. The St. Mark’s Choir will present its unique blend of gospel and roots music. The concert will also feature rare performances of folkloric “Candombe” drumming from Uruguay as well as sacred mask dances of Bhutan.

To celebrate our ten years of service on behalf of poor communities around the world, BGR is holding a spring fundraising drive that will culminate with the April 29 concert event. Individuals are encouraged to visit the fundraising site  where they can (a) make a one-time contribution to BGR, (b) reserve a seat at the concert, and (c) fundraise on behalf of BGR by creating a unique individual or group page to reach out to friends, family, sangha members, and coworkers.  

Dan Blake — Dave Liebman
Dmitry Ishenko — Jeff Williams

Reflecting on this tenth anniversary milestone awakens in me a desire for BGR’s longevity to endure for many years to come. I wish that this longevity can continue to provide a modicum of hope and respite to the over 200,000 individuals that are positively impacted by BGR’s partnerships around the world. I also hope that the concert can continue providing a platform for BGR to trumpet its message of compassionate action to the widest possible audience. Vocalist Jean Rohe (and a 2016 CFH performer) put it quite well in stating, “We want bread, but we also want roses. We are fighting to feed our families, but also for the human right to feed our souls.” In providing an evening of “food” for our souls, the Concert to Feed the Hungry is an effort to widen BGR’s community. The concert is also an expression of BGR’s goal to awaken in us a compassionate desire to hear the voices of those who have been rendered voiceless due to extreme poverty and its most terrible consequences: hunger and malnutrition. 

Dan Blake, a jazz musician and BGR board member, has produced the Concert to Feed the Hungry since its inception in 2011. 


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