Helping Hands Newsletter
Fall 2018

Volume 10, Number 3

The Walk Season Is Now

By Ven.  Bhikkhu Bodhi

As the summer draws to an end, the time has arrived for Buddhist Global Relief’s annual Walk to Feed the Hungry. The walk season began on August 18 with a walk in Portland, Oregon, and continues through till November 10, ending with the walk in Houston, Texas. A list of the walks will be found on our website. Successful pre-season walks have already taken place in the U.K. (a 10-mile walk in Surrey) and in San Diego, and we are hoping for big turnouts for the seasonal walks to come. READ MORE


Helping the Helpers: Educating Burmese Medics’ Children

By Kim Behan  & Carla Prater

Imagine that you are a refugee, stranded with your family and thousands of other people in a forest far from home or any services. Now imagine you are offered training and a job as a medic to serve your community, but it requires that you travel to other refugee camps as well as serving in your own area. But what about your children? Who will care for them? Will they be allowed to go to school?

That is the dilemma faced by members of the Backpack Health Worker Teams providing mobile medical care to isolated ethnic villages and internally displaced person camps along the Thai-Burma border. Each medic travels to 9-12 villages every month, providing care for about 2,400 people. READ MORE

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint through Change of Diet

By Randy Rosenthal

What’s the best way to reduce your carbon footprint? A new influential study recently published in Science says: Go vegan.

The study is described as “the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet.” To come to their conclusions, the authors J. Poore and T. Nemecek looked at data covering nearly 40,000 farms and 16,000 processors, packagers, and retailers. This means they studied the impact of the meat and dairy industry, from the bottom up, rather than the previous top-down approach using national data, which is why this study is so profoundly revealing. In doing so, they determined that without meat and dairy consumption, we could reduce global farmland use by more than 75% and still feed the world. READ MORE

Emergency Relief Projects

By David Braughton

Over the past 12 months, Buddhist Global Relief provided $58,000 (representing approximately 10% of its annual budget) in emergency hunger relief to people stricken by war, conflict, droughts, floods and hurricanes. In total, 14 grants, ranging from $1000 to $5000, were made to 7 different organizations working in Myanmar, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sahel Africa, Puerto Rico, and the USA. Emergency grants are designed to bolster relief efforts in parts of the world where people face acute hunger or starvation due to man-made or natural disasters. READ MORE

How You Can Help

Interested in volunteering for BGR? By joining our team you will meet others who share your values and are working to put compassion into action and help create a better world. Some volunteers need to be located in a particular place, but most can work from home, wherever that may be. Please check the list of Volunteer Opportunities on our website and contact our volunteer coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information. As always, donations to BGR are welcome. You can donate by PayPal or credit card on the BGR website or by check mailed to:

Buddhist Global Relief
2020 Route 301
Carmel, NY  10512

Our Projects

BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families. This is a selection of nine of our current 29 projects. Please select "Current Projects" from the menu on the left to see them all.