BGR Walk Season Concludes

Kim Behan & Carla Prater

At the end of the 2018 Walk Season, we look back with great appreciation for all the efforts of the many volunteers and BGR staff who helped with these important fundraising and outreach events. Although this year the New York walk had to be cancelled due to a heavy storm with strong winds, we can celebrate a successful season with a total of 14 events

We had fundraising walks in 13 cities, in the UK and US. The walk coordinators were Geoff Hunt (Hampshire UK), Sharon Sasaki (San Diego CA), Chris Konczyk (Portland OR), Carla Prater (Seattle WA), Leonora Kham (St. Louis MO), Ven. Khenmo Drolma (Portland OR), Alison Zhou (Willington CT), Corina Stoicescu (Berkeley CA), Queenie Lee (Philadelphia PA), Violet Martin (Milford MI), Sylvie Sun (New York NY), Deborah Steincolor (Montclair NJ), and Jessica Stoner (Houston TX). There was also a Solidarity Walk in Nagpur, India, coordinated by Ayya Yeshe of our partner organization, Bodhicitta Foundation. The walk coordinators and their local teams of volunteers are responsible for many of the tasks that make the walks happen.

In addition to the walk coordinators and their teams, many volunteers worked behind the scenes on the walks, beginning months ahead of time. The IT team includes George Clapp, Mary Helen Fein, Johnny and Sandy Wong, Eugene Lubarsky, and Janaka Wickramasinghe. These are the members responsible for getting the BGR website, FirstGiving and Flipcause fundraising pages up and running, sending out the walk appeals and maintaining the contact and donations databases.

The communications team, with Jen Russ, Tricia Brick, Randy Rosenthal, and Carla Prater worked to provide content for these pages and other communications. Graphic design was expertly handled by Val Clark.

The social media team (David Liu, Stephen McGovern, and Victoria Schmitt) did Facebook updates on the walks, and Jessie Benjamin and Mark Adorney posted photos and reports in Dropbox and Flickr for use in our publications.

Many tasks are involved in tracking the donations, and our able finance team (Tom Spies, David Braughton, Johnny and Sandy Wong, Kathleen Minder, and Connie Zhai) made sure all donations were acknowledged and financial records were correctly maintained.

The planning and coordination of these tasks were carried out by the BGR staff (Kim Behan, Tom Spies, and Carla Prater) to ensure a successful Walk Season.

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi was able to attend the Willington CT and Montclair NJ walks this year, where they greatly appreciated his presence and inspirational teaching.

We thank our donors and supporters, project partners and BGR board, staff and team members who participated in our 2018 walks. None of this would have been possible without you.

Thank you for supporting our critical work, and we offer our best wishes for a happy holiday season for all!

Kim Behan is the Director of Programs of Buddhist Global Relief. During her professional life, she worked as a software engineer for the Telecommunications industry. She is also the co-founder of a non-profit which provides medical assistance to the impoverished communities of Vietnam.

Carla Prater is retired from Texas A&M University and now lives in Seattle, where she serves as the Assistant Director for Buddhist Global Relief..

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