BGR Projects for Fiscal Year 2017-18

By BGR Staff

At the BGR board’s annual projects meeting on May 7, the board approved 28 projects for partnership grants in the next fiscal year, at a total cost of $480,000. The fiscal year runs from July 2017 through June 2018.

Most proposals approved are renewals of repeated annual projects, while others are new. In addition to our long-term partners, we also formed several new partnerships. A couple of project applications that did not arrive in time for the meeting will be considered later. Brief descriptions of the projects have been appearing in a series on the BGR blog, arranged alphabetically by country. The first part of the series is here, the second part here. The rest of the summaries should be posted before the end of June.

Thanks are due to Kim Behan, BGR Director of Programs; Patti Price, Chair of the Projects Committee; David Braughton, Vice Chair; Chot Elliott, Board member; Ayya Santussika, Board member; Tom Spies, ED; and Jessie Benjamin, Carla Prater, and Jennifer Russ, who helped prepare the material used in this series of posts.

Besides our grants, the BGR board voted to donate $20,000 to the World Food Program to provide food relief to four countries afflicted by near-famine conditions: Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen. Subsequent to the board meeting, at the end of May the board voted to donate $10,000 to two organizations in Sri Lanka (Sarvodaya and Karuna Trust) working to provide relief to victims of the recent extreme floods in the island nation.

Our Projects

BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families. This is a selection of nine of our current 29 projects. Please select "Current Projects" from the menu on the left to see them all.