Nutritional Support for Garden of Peace School

This project with trusted BGR partner Lotus Outreach covers nutritional support for 174 students and assorted staff members for an entire academic year at the Garden of Peace school, located on a 5.6 acre organic farm just outside of Kurumbupalayam village of Tamil Nadu, India. Garden of Peace offers a holistic educational program that provides its enrollees with the traditional primary school curriculum, English and Tamil courses, and training in meditation and philosophies of non-violence. BGR funding covers school uniforms, books and other materials, transportation, and nutritional support twice a day for all students. The nutritional component is at the program’s core, especially considering that the facilities are situated on an organic farm. The students and their parents are involved in farm activities, helping to grow a portion of the food served to the students. As the school serves morning and midday meals to all students, the parents enjoy knowing that their children are consistently receiving balanced, filling meals. The beneficiaries will be 15 school staff members and 174 schoolchildren. More than half the children are girls. Annually renewable project

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