Prosperity through Resilient Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh

This is the third year of our “Prosperity through Resilient Agriculture” project with partner Oxfam India. The project, funded entirely by BGR, aims to improve the food and livelihood security of women farmers in 25 villages, including five core villages, in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. The goal of the project is to contribute to increased resilience and income of smallholder women farmers.Through the program, women farmers obtain increased access to government schemes and inputs and learn climate resilient practices for improved agricultural output. The project area is populated primarily by marginalized Dalit and poorly educated and landless people. Five farmers’ field schools (FFS) have been established in strategic locations to accelerate the spread of improved agricultural practices. This year 75 women farmers groups are being trained in different climate resilient practices to maximize production. The training is being provided in a cascade model by which 75 women farmers (one from each group) will become qualified as master trainers. Further, a women farmers’ collective of 1180 farmers has been formed in the project area, to be strengthened and supported for the establishment of a local market to sell their produce. Year three of a three-year project

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