Jamaica & Haiti 

Breakfast and Coloring Books for Primary School Students 

This project with our partner Trees That Feed Foundation (“TTFF”) continues and expands on a previous successful partnership between our two organizations. This project addresses hunger and malnutrition issues, childhood education, economic opportunity, and environment risk in two countries, Jamaica and Haiti. The core of the project is the provision of 36,000 breakfast meals to children studying at five schools in each of the two countries. Additionally, the project will supply 900 educational coloring books and accessories to these same schools. The schools typically serve children in age groups 5 to 10. The schools are usually rural, with 3 to 5 classrooms each with 20 to 30 children in each classroom. The grant from BGR supplies children at the 10 schools with morning meals served three times per week for an academic semester of 13 weeks. Breadfruit flour is the main ingredient in the breakfast meals served to the children. The breadfruit tree is well known in both countries, and the fruits are culturally accepted as nutritious and desirable. To benefit the children’s learning, TTFF has developed a 40 page coloring book, “Plant a Tree and Good Things Happen,” which teaches how planting a tree brings benefits to nutrition, a variety of jobs, and healthy air, water, soil and animal habitat. The coloring books, which have received rave reviews, are usable for a full academic year.  New project

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