Training Women Farmers in Grow Biointensive Agriculture

This project, with BGR partner Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninsula, seeks to expand upon the successful Grow Biointensive (GB) model of agricultural by engaging directly with Kenyan women, who are key agricultural producers, contributing 75-80% of all labor in food production. The program is to be overseen by Samuel and Peris Ndiritu, founders and directors of the Grow Biointensive Agricultural Centre of Kenya (GBIACK), who have spent the last 15 years creating a unique system of community outreach and GB curriculum. The proposal seeks to broaden GBIACK’s reach into the impoverished county of Machakos, where land degradation and disintegration are severe due to population growth, lower rainfall, and poor agricultural practices stemming from the use of GMO seeds and chemical fertilizers. The result is a vicious cycle begun by climate change and a breakup of the family unit as men leave rural areas to look for jobs in the capital Nairobi.

GBIACK seeks a solution to this tragedy by training the women who are left behind to care for and feed the family. Farmer trainings and workshops are the main thrust of this project. 600 women from six communities in Machakos County are divided into 10 groups of 60 farmers each. The consultants conduct the initial trainings as well as follow up visits to ensure GB practices are properly implemented. The project aims: (1) to educate 600 women in GB practices (diversified food production, seed preservation, nutrition); (2) to empower these women economically by helping generate surpluses and giving them access to markets; and (3) to develop women farming groups and embed these new institutions in local communities to spread knowledge of GB practices. New project

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