A Grow Biointensive Agricultural Center

The country of Malawi is on the front lines of the worsening climate change situation, due to its particular vulnerability to drought and the resulting decline in food production. According to our partner, Ecology Action, Grow Biointensive practices can help farmers overcome the hardships caused by climate change. This partnership will expand the Grow Biointensive Center of Kenya’s sister organization in Malawi so its staff can train a greater number of farmers in need. The proposal places a special emphasis upon women who have been widowed due to the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis, as well as young students enrolled in primary and secondary school. As women and children are most susceptible to the adverse effects of poverty and hunger, the proposal seeks to empower them through Grow Biointensive practices. The director of the Malawi program, Ephriam, was trained at the GBIACK center in Thika, Kenya, and has an academic background in agricultural studies with several publications that are available at his website. Trained consultants will lead farmers in workshops teaching critical skills like composting, seed banking, soil/water conservation, rain water harvesting, and other skills. The project is expected to benefit 400 adults (265 women), 185 children, and 140 infants. Annually renewable project

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BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families. This is a selection of nine of our current 29 projects. Please select "Current Projects" from the menu on the left to see them all.