Sri Lanka

Enhancing the Entrepreneurship Skills of Vulnerable Women

Founded in 1984 the mission of CENWOR—the Centre for Women’s Research—is to promote research, training, lobbying, advocacy, and monitoring of gender-related issues facing women and girls in Sri Lanka. The center also provides vocational training to women from low-income families. This new project will support approximately 60 vulnerable women—sex workers, disabled women, and female heads of households in three districts—to develop entrepreneurial skills. Such women face major impediments in gaining access to education, vocational training, and employment. The goal of the project is to empower the women from the vulnerable groups: (1) by enhancing their entrepreneurship skills; (2) by providing financial and material support for start-up enterprises; (3) by improving their living standards; and (4) by strengthening their self-confidence. The project will develop a module to provide training to the beneficiaries during and after the project period. The project will also offer socio-psychological counseling and create awareness of gender and social issues. New project

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BGR projects are designed to provide direct food aid to people afflicted by hunger and malnutrition, to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, to support the education of girls and women, and to give women an opportunity to start right livelihood projects to support their families. This is a selection of nine of our current 29 projects. Please select "Current Projects" from the menu on the left to see them all.