U.S.  New York, NY

Communal Meals for Vulnerable New Yorkers

For 13 years, the Reciprocity Foundation has been offering inner and outer support to homeless youth in New York City. Now, Reciprocity is opening a new space with a broader mission. In addition to serving homeless youth, they are opening their doors to a variety of vulnerable New Yorkers, including survivors of domestic violence, homeless families, new immigrants, young veterans, LGBTQ persons, and those facing long-term chronic illness or pain. Few of these communities have access to healthy food, nutrition and a caring environment in which to improve health/wellness while facing a personal crisis. The new facility has one multi-purpose room for group meals, group treatments, classes, workshops, yoga and meditation, and two smaller treatment rooms for one-on-one consultations. Reciprocity’s initial plan is to serve one large communal meal per week for 30 people. This program will operate for 43 weeks beginning June 1, offering vegetarian, home-cooked meals. In addition, Reciprocity will hold a monthly food gathering for 30 people during which they will either have a guest speaker or one of the Reciprocity staff will lead the gathering. The focus of these workshops will be on education and will create an opportunity for participants to meet and encourage each other. New project

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