Improving the Application of the System of Rice Intensification

The International Cooperation Center is a research institute of Thai Nguyen University focused on rice production, agroecology, and rural development. The center has taken an active role in disseminating the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), a method of rice production that has been demonstrated to increase crop yields with fewer inputs. At present, there are six districts utilizing SRI, with the involvement of approximately 320,000 farmers and projects covering 65 percent of their rice-growing area. With the expansion of the SRI programs, more farmer groups have been established and many farmers have actively joined in applying SRI in their communities. However, while some communes have been applying and expanding SRI successfully, others have encountered difficulties. To address them, ICC has initiated this project, “Sharing Experiences and Innovations in Expanding the System of Rice Intensification in Thai Nguyen.” The project, supported by BGR, aims to create opportunities for farmers to share their experiences and innovations with each other and to find solutions to the problems they face in adopting SRI. 

Our Projects

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