Meals for Hospital Patients in Tam Binh Hospital

In Vietnam, the price of a hospital stay does not include food. Already challenged by hospital expenses, most patients and their families are hard-pressed to buy food. In partnership with the Tam Binh chapter of the Vietnam Red Cross Society, since 2009 BGR has been providing thousands of free meals to patients at the Tam Binh hospital. With the grant from BGR and support from the Tam Binh local chapter of the Red Cross, 500 vegetarian meals are served daily to hospital patients. A total of 3,500 meals are served per week, or 182,000 meals per year, to hospital patients. BGR funds will be divided among fourteen Red Cross teams, each of which will provide meals for four weeks; together the teams provide meals to hospital patients for a full year. This project supports the nutritional needs of some of the most vulnerable people—those who are both poor and sick. Annually renewable project

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