Enhanced Food Security for Women Farmers

India Enhanced Food Production

This project, partnered withOxfam India, aims to increase food security for women farmers in the hill state of Uttarakhand, one of the poorest states in India. The region is extremely vulnerable to climate change; rain-fed lands are eroded and recent flooding has further damaged the land. Women play a crucial role in hill agriculture, as up to 90% of the total work in agriculture and animal care is done by them. The impact of the decline in productivity due to climate change and degradation of natural resources has affected the food security of women the most.

The project builds on a previous three-year project with Oxfam India in Uttarakhand, one that has already proven its success. The new project will be implemented in 14 villages in the blocks of Bhilangana and Jakhnidar of the Tehri Garhwal district, directly covering about 2000 households. In order to address the larger issues of food security and ecological sustainability, the project will promote the increased role of women in agriculture together with the practice of climate resilient agriculture models. It aims to ensure that 400 women farmers adopt better farming practices (Systems of Rice Intensification and Wheat Intensification); develop knowledge of climate change-resilient agriculture; and receive increased recognition of their rights.

Key components of the project are:

  • to form collectives of women farmers to strengthen rights and bargaining capacity
  • to develop field schools, support centers, and model farms for the women
  • to strengthen linkages between the farmers, suppliers, and markets
  • to create knowledge-sharing platforms for women farmers
  • to advocate for a more equitable policy for women farmers

Year one of a three-year project.

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