Expanding the System of Rice Intensification

Expanding the System of Rice Intensification

This is another SRI project with our partner,Oxfam America. The project expands on a two-year BGR-funded effort focused in the Artibonite Valley in Haiti. Farmers in Haiti currently suffer from poor production, ineffective processing systems, and disorganized management in marketing, so 80% of Haiti’s consumed rice is imported. SRI will be promoted to a new set of farmers in the Bois Moreau and Grand Jardin crop blocks. Oxfam will be working with its new local partner, Association d’Irrigants Bas Mètre Rive Droite de la Petite-Rivière de l’Artibonite. The project aims to help 50 farmers (30% female) to achieve increased yields with fewer inputs using SRI. 425 farmers will benefit from irrigation and drainage infrastructure. The project will impart SRI trainer training, provide equipment, establish a credit fund, and offer technical and monitoring support. Canal rehabilitation will also be done.

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