An Afterschool Feeding Program - NEW PARTNER

Haiti An Afterschool Feeding Program

This is a new project with a new partner,Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC), a US-based organization (founded 1999) whose mission is “to build a passionate community of future leaders, visionaries and dynamic thinkers who are empowered to better their lives and their world through the arts and education in Jacmel, Haiti.” ACFFC feeds over 100 kids daily. They had been providing two meals a day, five days a week and three on Saturdays. Due to current funding shortages, however, they have been forced to reduce their feeding program to 2-3 minimal meals a week. This grant is expected to put the feeding program back at an acceptable operating capacity. Over a six month period, the grant from BGR would provide the necessary boost to ACFFC’s food budget to drastically improve its feeding program, returning to near the level it was previously.

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